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GWAS Judges Conference

The GWAS Judges Conference will be held in the West Buckland Village Hall on Sunday 22nd January at 12.30. This will be the first one since the pandemic began so it is well worth attending. Also it goes towards your annual returns and is a requirement of the J10 that you attend at least some of the conferences.

Please can you let the JLO know if you are able to attend. I would hope to see most of you there and it ensures that we all judge to the same standard. It is also your opportunity to tell the Region what we can do to help you. If there are any topics that you would like us to discuss, please let me know asap.


World Archery Equipment Failure Rule Change

World Archery have released a new Rule Book which came into effect from 18th July.

The main change is to Book 3. World Archery have reinstated equipment failures and minor medical emergencies, except for at World Ranking Events and Multi Sport Events. World Ranking Events are NOT the same as World Record Status Events. World Ranking Events (WRE) are things like World Cups and Continental Championships. Multi Sport events are things like the Olympics and the European Games.

So at events in the UK equipment failures and minor medical emergencies are now allowed again. But please note that they are still NOT allowed during match play.


WA terminate Bjorn Bengston target face licence

World Archery have advised Archery GB that the partnership between World Archery and Bjorn Bengston Sweden AB has terminated, therefore target faces from this manufacturer are no longer accepted by World Archery.

As from 1 August 2016 these target faces cannot be used for World Record or Arrowhead status events. This does not affect club and UK record status events.

More information can be found on the World Archery Website and the Archery GB Website.