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New Range Registration

Archery GB have introduced a new Range Registration and Assessment Procedure, that will be formally introduced on 1st April 2017.

The new procedure requires every archery club to register their indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and complete a short survey.  Initially, clubs are expected to self certify and register all shooting ranges detailing:

  • Location
  • Shooting Capacity
  • Access Arrangements
  • Rules of Shooting Compliance

Registration is mandatory and will be renewed every 3 years, which will have to be done online.  Clubs and ranges which do not comply with the rules of shooting will be able to request dispensations from Archery GB, and for a flat fee plus travel expenses, Archery GB Assessors will be available to inspect and decide if the shooting arrangements are safe.

Clubs will have 6 months to register their shooting ranges, and failure to register will mean that the ground will not be covered by Archery GB Insurance.