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Devizes Bowmen Wadworth Sponsorship

Devizes Bowmen and Wadworth have agreed a three-year sponsorship deal. The sponsorship includes the branding of new club shirts with the leading Wadworth 6X brand as well as support for Devizes Bowmen events, including their Annual Top Ten Tournament.

Neil Lockhart of Devizes Bowmen commented:

“This sponsorship of a local archery club by a local business with a strong brand like Wadworth is very exciting for our club and its members. The new shirts are very distinctive incorporating the Wadworth 6X branding and will ensure our archers are immediately recognisable in tournaments around the country.”

“When we proposed the idea to Wadworth one of the things that made the sponsorship relevant and of value was the obvious association of the 6X brand with our sport. Arrows are shot in ends of 6 and the highest score on a 10 zone archery target is marked “X” ….. It did not take a leap in imagination to realise that ‘6X’ is the highest achievable score and a 6 gold end is simply perfection, as are Wadworth beers”

Katherine Bond, Wadworth Brand Marketing Manager commented:

“Wadworth are delighted to be able to continue to support the local community and promote our brand in this way. Making good beer, like Archery, is part of English Heritage that dates back hundreds of years, both requiring special skills and dedication to produce outstanding results”

The new club shirts have been custom designed and supplied by Lionhart Custom Design Archery Shirts, and feature sublimation printed graphics with integral cooling panels in the sides of the shirt and comfortable collars designed with the archer in mind.