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** UPDATED ** GWAS Regional Clubs Survey

Dear GWAS Club,
Thank you to those who have completed the recent GWAS survey aimed at understanding the region better in these unprecedented times.
For those clubs who are yet to have completed this survey (please see list below), we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. The results we’ve had so far have been invaluable to the GWAS Council in steering our decision making and it’s fantastic for us to be able to have an up to date, clear picture of how the clubs in the region are coping.
Link to GWAS survey.
How is this survey going to help the region? 
From the survey results so far, the GWAS Council have been asked to signpost clubs which are open, clubs which are struggling and might need support and those who could offer potential shared shooting facilities. We’ve been able to gather this information through this survey (please link to a map showing the shooting status of all clubs who have completed this survey) and in turn, begin to signpost clubs to shared facilities. Link to map.
The more clubs we have input into this survey, the more we can work as a region to support each other, so it’s vitally important we gather as many responses as possible.