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At Burnham Company of Archers we are fortunate to have 7 day access to our own field and have been able to open to allow members to shoot. We have opened 4 booking slots a day , 9 – 11, 12 – 2, 3 – 5, and 6 – 8 (the latest slot can be shot until dark). On the field we have put out 6 fixed targets, 2 at 30m, 1 at 50m, 1 at 60m, 1 at 70m, and 1 at 90m. Currently we have spare capacity within our availability and have looked at ways to open this up to the wider archery community. Based on this we can offer 2 x types of associate membership to members of AGB up to the end of September

  1. Covid-19 Membership – This will allow members to book slots on weekdays only – This will cost £25
  2. Standard Associate Membership – This will allow members to book slots on any day – This will cost £35

There are no further shooting fees. Members need to provide their own target faces and pins, and book a specific target before attending the field

At the end of September any associate will be free to re-join the club on our standard annual associate membership fee, as the field remains open all year round

If you are interested please contact the club secretary at and further details about joining can be sent out

We are also running a WA720 open shoot on Sunday 16th August. We have 3 sessions 9am, 12pm and 3pm, allowing people to come to the field and shoot a 720 round, with other archers, under Covid-19 restrictions and controls. The cost of this is £5 per session. If this is of interest please contact Please note that numbers will be strictly limited

I trust this may be of interest


Burnham Company of Archers Committee