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** Dunster 2021 – Further Update **

Dunster 2021 Update

Two weeks ago, I received an email from the National Trust stating that they we not happy for Dunster Week 2021 to go ahead. I am sure you will all understand that this was totally unexpected as last year they were happy for us to hold the event even if the grounds were closed to the general public.

Needless to say, I have gone back to The Trust asking that they reconsider their decision in light of information I passed on which should allay some of their concerns. I also asked that they wait until we had all heard from Boris on the 22nd of February to see how the Roadmap might affect the event. The Trust agreed to this.

As yet I have not had a response from The Trust, it is unfortunate that some of the staff I deal with only work part time so it is not always that easy for them to meet up to discuss matters. I have chased this up and my contact is hopeful that they will reach a decision this week so I ask that you bear with me as currently I am not in a position to say for sure that Dunster Week 2021 will go ahead due to factors outside of my control.

As soon as I get a decision from The Trust, I will put this out to you all.