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Sell My Bow

To the Secretary,

We’d like to introduce you to a brand new way for your members to buy and sell their archery equipment, Sell My Bow is the first pre-loved marketplace exclusively for the sale of archery kit; an outlet which has been lacking in our sport for some time.
Archery is an inclusive and accessible sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, and like any other sport it can involve a large investment in kit.
This can be a daunting prospect both for current archers and those that are interested in taking up archery. The continual expense of upgrading and changing kit can become costly and limiting, so Sell My Bow was created to support all archers, whatever their discipline, in buying and selling their pre-owned archery equipment.

Archery has a supportive and sociable community with a thriving second-hand market – we know the value of the equipment we shoot with and appreciate its worth to others; imagine giving someone the chance to achieve new personal bests with the very same kit you did.
Sell My Bow is proud to increase the sustainability of our sport by rehoming unwanted archery items, so not only can new archers and buyers in the community access affordable kit, but sellers can recoup the money they’ve invested too.

In the past archers have had to rely on word of mouth, notices at their local club or posts on social media to buy and sell pre-owned archery kit; this is limiting and in the case of social media can sometimes attract unwanted and hurtful comments. Sell My Bow is a safe and secure platform without politics, personal opinion or trolling, our internal messaging system protects our members’ personal details so they don’t have to list their email address or phone number.

The pandemic has had a very damaging impact on our sport and as a result we have lost many active members. Sell My Bow is keen to promote archery as an accessible and affordable sport, by offering a dedicated archery marketplace to every discipline, ability and nationality. We hope that Sell My Bow will become every archers’ most favourite and trusted place to buy and sell their pre-owned archery equipment and that the benefits will be felt by your membership too.

Happy Shooting
From the Sell My Bow team

(Please find attached a poster of our details for clubs to print out and share with their members.)

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