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Proposed Changes DCAS Postals

Simon Slade, the DCAS Winter Postals, Frostbites and Summer Postals Organiser has been asked by Club’s to include a Compound Only Division, in the same way that we have introduced one for Longbow. After Simon attended the last DCAS Committee meeting to discuss options has has been given the backing to introduce other Divisions if clubs are interested.

DCAS will now have the following possibilities

A Compound Only Senior Division.
A Recurve/Barebow Only Senior Division
We already run a Longbow Only Senior Division.
We already run a mixed where there can be only 1 Compound and any other combination or Recurve/Barebow/Longbow.
A Mixed Division specifically for a Single Compound, a Single Recurve/Barebow and a Single Longbow.
A Mixed Non-Compound which could be 1 or 2 of Recurve/Barebow/Longbow but not three as that would already be covered.

Juniors could stay the same or we could allow a Mixed Non-Compound Division as above so that Clubs without a Compound Archer would not be so affected.

Simon said: “I am not sure clubs have enough Archers to fill all of these Divisions, but it may be more would be interested if they were available. An email will be sent to Club Secretaries by the DCAS Secretary so hopefully this message will get to as many clubs as possible.
“Hopefully Clubs now have plenty of time to discuss this and I ask that they provide me with feedback on whether they would consider entering teams for the existing and new Divisions. If we get enough positive feedback then I will run the new Divisions that are required. It maybe we can try them and see how it goes.”

Simon hopes this can assist in getting more Archers to return to shooting again and provide a more even competition within the Divisions.

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