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Using Drills and Skills to Develop Technique

Delivered by Lloyd Brown, Three-Time Olympic Team Coach

Sunday 26 March 2023     9.30am – 3.30pm

Strode College Sports Centre, Strode College, Church Rd, Street BA16 0AB

Every coach knows that learning good shooting technique early on sets up an archer for a happy and healthy experience of archery. Understanding the basics of shooting form and teaching these to your beginners from the first session creates a good foundation.

This workshop will explore the Drills & Skills that have been designed to help archers learn, practise, and understand the separate aspects of the shot process.  As the archer becomes competent in each element they can be embedded into the full sequence.

As coaches we need to understand the drills & skills and then be able to explain, enthuse and empower the archer to rehearse them outside of the shooting range.  We want them to perform the action repeatedly to improve their proficiency, become better archers and therefore enjoy the sport more!

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