GWAS Coaching Grants go paperless

Anyone wishing to access GWAS grant funding for the completion of a coaching course will now be required to do so via a google form which can be found below and via the ‘coaching’ section of the GWAS website. From Feb 2023 we will no longer be accepting paper grant submissions. Paper copies were proving time consuming, causing delays to payment and damaging to the environment due to printing requirements. This move has been endorsed by all County Coaching Organisers in our most recent meeting.
All information about the GWAS Coaching Grants Policy and Criteria can be found on the google form.

The GWAS move to paperless does not impact on the County grant processes. Please follow your county grant process, whatever that may be.
Grants which have already been sent to the RCO for payment in January 2023 do not need to be submitted via the online form, they will be processed via the old paper form.

Link to the new (online)
GWAS Grant Form

Any questions, please contact